Examination Processing

DSNL, as the sole partner of DRS in Nigeria [a partnership that spans over 40 years], is a market leading provider of a comprehensive solution designed by experts to deliver accurate, fast and reliable examination results. Our systems are implemented using our extensive experience in document design, printing, award-winning scanning and image capture technologies combined with our expertise in software, logistics, project management, consultancy and training.

Delivering the right results, on time, every time

  • eAccessment
  • eMarker Electronic Marker
  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
  • Bureau Service
  • Specialist Print Service
  • Scanners


For 50 years DRS has been supplying solutions to educational institutions from schools to examining bodies. The company has a deep understanding of the demanding requirements of high volume assessment combined with a set of services that make it simply second to none. There isn’t another supplier in the world that combines the skills and experience to develop software, manufacture scanning hardware and manage large-scale projects (both in its in-house DRS Scanning Bureau facility and at customers sites around the world) to deliver significant cost reduction and quality improvement benefits to its customers.


e-Marker® has been designed by education experts to reflect the way that awarding bodies and marking staff want to work, speeding up the marking process whilst improving the consistency of results and all at a cost lower than traditional script processing methods.

Multiple Choice Question Solutions (MCQ)

For multiple choice, the only choice A true end-to-end solution from candidate registration through to certificate production. Our comprehensive Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) solutions have been successfully implemented for many years to automate exam marking for awarding bodies worldwide. Designed with the needs of examination boards, education organisations and candidates in mind, the DRS MCQ solution is ideal for Primary School leaving examinations as well as Secondary and High School examinations such as Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12.

we have well over 40 Years of experience in the industry you can count on us for guidance

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